delivers exceptional consumer brand experiences, is a powerful IoT platform combining its IoT tags spanning RFID, NFC, BLE and other active engagement solutions with capabilities for tag commissioning, consumer experience, and data management. is easy to use and maintain. The flexible platform allows brands of all shapes and sizes to keep content fresh and relevant, even after tags are already commissioned. The brand engagement and protection capabilities deliver authenticity and protection from product diversion. offers a full catalog of pre-built customer engagement experiences that can be deployed quickly and inexpensively. The capabilities of the platform also make it easy to change associated content even after tags are already commissioned into the market. Additional business benefits and advantages of the solutions-connected platform include:

  • Connected platform including serialized IDs for every product as well as digital customer audit
  • Robust brand engagement
  • Brand protection describing authenticity and product diversion 
  • Data and Analytics built on flexible toolsets

Key features include:

  • Serialized IDs for every product with a digital customer audit trail
  • Ability to leverage Identiv’s proprietary encoding capabilities along with an open-market SDK for the developer community. Consumers can utilize the many APIs for ERP and CRM systems for ongoing data flow and insights.
  • Full suite of data and analytics built on flexible toolsets

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